Monitoring Tunnels
Monitoring Tunnel - Short
Monitoring Tunnel - Short
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Philproof Rodent / Stoat Monitoring Tunnel.

Entrance hole is 60mm and floor has been designed to hold paper at either end and ink tray in middle.
Weatherproof and the shorter floor design allows room for placement of attractant bait at either end.
It is less prone to damage from possums and rats (than the corflute models) this can be particularly important when monitoring in ' non treatment' areas where there can be high populations of these species.
There is an overhang at each end to protect the papers from rain damage.
The 'ponding area' to accommodate the sponge is indestructible so operators shouldn't have problems with leakage from the sponge damaging papers.
They are stackable allowing them to be moved from site to site easily.