SHOULD I CHOOSE A SINGLE OR DOUBLE TRAP COVER, AND HOW MANY? If you can afford to buy the second trap to go with the double cover then I would recommend this option, as trials to date indicate that a double set catches more stoats. There doesn't appear to be any significant difference in catch rate of ferrets when comparing single and double sets. The single trap cover has the advantage of a longer, narrower entrance tunnel at each end which better restricts non target (including small children) access to the trap. If you have a problem at a single site (e.g chicken house) one trap set should catch the offender, but having 2 or 3 strategically located will increase the chances of a early demise. If protecting a large bush area or similar, one trap set every 100-150m in a grid pattern should have a significant effect on the population.

See the TRAPS page, for instructions.

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